Recommended by Isabela

You know that story you read and immediately fall in love with. Now imagine finding a collection of them that covers several Fandons. Well then "Small Stories" is what you are looking for and want to read. Wonderfully well written and without exaggeration, each story is a shot in the heart or an overdose of love and sweetness! So, what are you waiting for? He comes! ❤️
"FEWER" and "LESS"

"Fewer" is used for countable items. "Less" is used for uncountable quantities. Ex.: We need fewer chairs. There is less water in the bottle.


"Ensure" means to guarantee or make certain. "Insure" refers to obtaining insurance coverage. Ex.: Please ensure the door is locked. We need to insure our new car.

Recommended by Isa Alexander

Isa Alexander
Small tales is that delicious fic to read while I expect the update of the others. I have my favorite characters, of course, but I end up reading the situations of the others as well. In it I found that there is a different ship from those I am used to ~ Gina and Voldemort, by Harry Potter ~ and so I fell in love! I recommend the tales, here you find a little of your favorite character in the world at fun, erotic, happy, sad, consistent or not reality. I love!