Recommended by HarrySeduction

THIS STORY IS SIMPLY P-E-R-F-E-I-T-A, I don't even know what to say about it, it's beautiful, the characters are wonderful, the way the author writes, all of this together, it's one of the best stories I've ever read, the way Logan is a little shy, passionate, anyway, I loved this fic.

"Breathe" means to inhale and exhale. "Breath" refers to a single inhalation or exhalation. Ex.: Remember to breathe deeply and relax. She took a deep breath before diving.


"Eminent" means distinguished or prominent. "Imminent" means about to happen or impending. Ex.: She is an eminent scientist. The storm is imminent, so we should stay indoors.

Recommended by Carina Maslow Big Time Love

Carina Maslow Big Time Love
Well, this story is perfect for those who love Big Time Rush, it's an imagination, my best friends and I read it together and each chapter screamed like ''foofoo people'' or ''naughty'' ha ha ha ha well I therefore recommend this story. It made me happier... at my school we only talk about the 9th chapter because we want to see KAMES, I love them. You won't regret reading it. kisses