Recommended by Fields Hastings

Fields Hastings
Well, I've said millions of times that I'm not good with words, but for this fic I even got poems from the internet (Brinks) but this fic really caught my attention, firstly because it's SPEMILY and I love it so much, secondly because the plot is simply MA -RA - VI - LHO - SO, and the writer writes perfectly well, so I recommend it to everyone, because you know that Spemily's fanfictions are rare to find, especially like this one
"ITS" and "IT'S"

"Its" shows possession. "It's" is a contraction for "it is" or "it has." Ex.: The dog wagged its tail. It's a lovely day outside.


"Discreet" means careful or unobtrusive. "Discrete" means separate or distinct. Ex.: She was discreet about her personal life. The project was divided into discrete tasks.

Recommended by Mari de Melo

Mari de Melo
If you don't shippa faberry, this is a great opportunity to start. It is a perfectly written story that surrounds you and makes you dependent !! With a pinch of PLL, a sarcastic Santana and an innocent Britt but not so much, you can have fun and distract on unbearable Sundays. Kiss for the best author !! Count on me!