Recommended by Lady Allen

Lady Allen
I can't even believe I'm the first person to recommend this fanfiction, it's perfect. It's very captivating, with each chapter posted it gets even better. I'm really immensely madly in love with the plot of the story. I really love these supernatural things (Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves) and you were inspired by a perfect film that I really like Resident Evil is spectacular. The author is splendidly perfect when she writes, the way she explains the facts and the places where these events are happening allows us to be there in a certain way. I don't hide from anyone that I'm crazy about BAMON and normally in the fics I read they hate and love each other and in this story the story is different they had a history together and she ends up forgetting it. I think it's beautiful the way you changed Damon and I doubted he could become even more passionate. I recommend it to all Nyah readers! Even those who don't like BAMON, I'm absolutely sure that after reading this splendid fic they fell in love with this couple. I want to congratulate the author and tell her that you have a fan!

"There" refers to a place. "Their" indicates possession. "They're" is a contraction for "they are." Ex.: There is a beautiful garden. Their house is nearby. They're going for a walk.


"Quiet" means silent or calm. "Quite" is used for emphasis or degree. Ex.: The library is very quiet. The movie was quite entertaining.

Recommended by Myapro

This fic is wonderful. Although there are few chapters, my friend and I are writing it with the greatest dedication and attention. Man, I know it's really good and the ending is surprising. You have no idea how incredible the ending is. It's really good! incredible! nbjbjbjbjbjb for female readers nbjbjbjbjbjb for those reading this recommendation. I hope you read the fic and know that it is perfect