Recommended by Suicidal Girl

Suicidal Girl
I came to surprise the author, I hope you like it, Physis. What could I say about this fanfic, it addresses a really cool topic: young mutants. There's also the author, she writes very well and never makes the story boring, I enjoy reading every chapter she posts, because it's great when an author takes you to the world of imagination just by describing the facts and she succeeds. If you have any questions about the fanfic, you can ask, because she answers you, explaining bit by bit the part you didn't understand. I recommend this fanfic, and anyone who starts reading it won't be disappointed with the story or the author's way of writing.
"YOUR" and "YOU'RE"

"Your" indicates possession. "You're" is a contraction for "you are." Ex.: Is this your umbrella? You're a wonderful person.

"THEN" and "THAN"

"Then" relates to time. "Than" is used for comparison. Ex.: First, we'll have lunch, and then we'll go for a walk. He is more experienced than I am.

Recommended by Gabi América

Gabi América
You know when you go to family gatherings and a bunch of aunts come saying "oh how you've grown" and start pulling your cheeks? Okay, now think about the biggest nightmare in the world: you go back to the height of this era: childhood! Dark isn't it? School, aunts, cheeks, vegetables (it gives me goosebumps!)... But, imagine this happening to our favorite heroes?! I only say one thing: read and laugh a lot! Kae killed the synchronization of the characters, my favorite universe is perfect (Fox, release the other groups! Please!) and to finish: NEWBOYS ROCK WOW!