Recommended by Isa

Well, I have some difficulty recommending a story here at Nyah!, for several reasons. I'm always in doubt about whether or not I chose the right words, but when you find a collection of one-shots like this, so well written and with chapters dedicated to so many ships that I love, it's impossible not to recommend it. There are so many couples from so many different universes that sometimes I don't even need to go to “the depths of Nyah!” to find a hot one of some of my OTP's. In addition to all this, the author manages to describe the sex scenes in an impressive way. In other words, in addition to being well written in a general context, all the hots are also something “out of this world”, as they are so extraordinarily well portrayed. In short: read. Serious. If you haven't read it yet, you're wasting your time, because as soon as you click on any chapter, from any ship, you'll fall in love with the way JPoseidon writes.

"Advice" is a noun. "Advise" is a verb. Ex.: His advice was invaluable. Can you advise me on this issue?


"Principal" refers to a person in a position of authority or the primary part of something. "Principle" means a fundamental rule or belief. Ex.: The school principal addressed the students. The principal reason for our success is teamwork. Honesty is an important principle to uphold.

Recommended by Lia Mayhew

Lia Mayhew
"The Seven Friends" is a perfect mix between Harry Potter and Friends. Even though I don't know that much about Harry Potter, I'm crazy about Friends and I know that even though it's not just their fic, it's one of the best in the category. I've always been amazed at how much the author - who doesn't just write one good HP fic but several - manages to compare Luna and Pheobe. Even though they are both blondes with light eyes, a little strange and always wanting to, I would never have noticed the similarity without this fic. The way Draco appeared in the fic showed how much friends can pull you out of rock bottom and bring you back to life. Even though I'm a little- a lot- anxious for the "Seven Friends" romances to blossom, the delicate way they've been following makes everything so sweet. Like that Neville punch was a bit for Hermione, but I make a point of believing that Luna also had a part in it. In addition to all this, this story also has the power to make you laugh a lot. Not to mention the "special appearances" by TBBT and HIMYM that make this fanfiction almost divine. Well, I also hope you update soon, as it's been a while, but I doubt this good story will die. So if you're reading this wondering whether you should read it, some advice: Read it, you'll love it.