Recommended by Vivian Darkbloom

Vivian Darkbloom
Hey... How do I start? Okay, here I go: My little person started watching The Flash on Friday, I was browsing (I always wanted to use that word!) on Netflix and Kaboom! I saw the cover of The Flash, remembered that they had already told me about the series and thought: Why not? BUT BACK TO THE FIC: So, since I had already met The Flash, it didn't take long for me to start shipping WestAllen and looking for fics about the couple (and also trying to find out what happened to them in the comics , I admit), but, to my disappointment as a WestAllen shipper, apparently there are more Caitlin fics with Barry :c But I managed to find this fanfic (and others too). AND... THIS FANFIC IS SIMPLY PERFECT, SERIOUSLY! Even though it's a short, it managed to be perfectly perfect *-* It's very good and worth reading, favorites, commented on and recommended! The writer, Agent 27, writes SUPER well, and the story is really good! (I'm trying hard not to give spoilers) I went to Agent 27's account and didn't see any more WestAllen fanfics, but I hope he posts one soon *---* I would love to read another WestAllen fic from this wonderful writer ♥ Kisses ♥

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Recommended by NielliCris

Beautiful... Since I started reading Fuckin' Perfect I became Team Tommy and Cait, I love the shipper with a passion and I think they are so perfect together that they deserve a name, the one is perfect, light and thought-provoking at the same time and that's why I'm completely sure that everyone who reads it will love it just like I did!!!