Recommended by Letícia Brito

Letícia Brito
What to say about this fic? Wonderful! Very well written and with an incredible conviction of reality. I love Merlyn & Snow, a somewhat unusual couple who are incredibly well received by fans. This drama involving this group of friends reminds me of Gossip Girl, only more violent. The story is so good that it is impossible not to delight in each chapter, and cry as the author hates us for the next chapter! But this fic has already become my bb! You won't regret following along♥♥

"There" refers to a place. "Their" indicates possession. "They're" is a contraction for "they are." Ex.: There is a beautiful garden. Their house is nearby. They're going for a walk.

"CITE," "SITE," and "SIGHT"

"Cite" means to quote or reference. "Site" refers to a location. "Sight" relates to seeing or a view. Ex.: Remember to cite your sources. The archaeological site is fascinating. The sunset is a breathtaking sight.

Recommended by Panda

I really don't know how to start this, because I'm completely in love with this story, it's things like details that will keep you here, with this story I laughed a lot, I was anxious to know what the hell was going to happen and I was surprised for the references and how well written it was. I've always been resistant to reading fics with Batman and Arrow, but this fic destroyed my barriers, it writes in a way that leaves you, the READER, in doubt when choosing the love triangle. Anyway, I can't delay so much so you don't waste time and start reading straight away. Come on my Pandinhas, what are you waiting for????