Recommended by DonaWatson

Well, what can I say about this very diva fic? She has everything that a couple is all about! And best of all, it's not that kind of one collection that always has the same couples! This one is different, it has an air (not literally) different from the other fics. So if you're thinking about reading this collection of ones like "should I read it or not?" Read it, I guarantee you won't regret it :)

"Effect" is a noun meaning result. "Affect" is a verb meaning to influence. Ex.: The new policy had a significant effect. The weather can affect our mood.


"Ensure" means to guarantee or make certain. "Insure" refers to obtaining insurance coverage. Ex.: Please ensure the door is locked. We need to insure our new car.

Recommended by CoalaHR

Do you want to see a great crossover between DC and Marvel that involves a great investigation? Are you a fan of Batman and Jessica Jones? Well, you are in the right place! This story involves us, leaving us increasingly intrigued and each chapter leaves us wanting more. With just 7 chapters, VJ manages to create an incredible work that deserves to be read! This fic, besides being interesting, is incredible! I just say three more words: Read this now! ♥