Recommended by Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke
After watching the promo and the first season of the series Gotham, where the producers said they would tell the origins of Batman's villains, and that caught my attention at the time, but after watching the episodes of the first season of the series and seeing Although there was nothing like what was presented in the promo, I now think that this fic does more justice to the mythology of Batman villains than the Gotham series. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific villain and explores their background in great detail. The plot really captures you in a fantastic immersion. So we understand how their "minds" (playing a pun on the name of the fic) work, their motivations, and the complexity of their personality so...fascinating, so...intriguing. Fans of these insane Arkham minds will certainly enjoy seeing a chapter dedicated to their favorite villain and connecting with them through these immersive and deep chapters. Some authors write plots about the adventures, the action that we see so much in animated series, some write romance plots between the heroes of DC Comics, but NOBODY has ever dared to work with the dark side of the force like this author. Seriously, a plot about the insane villains of the "Dark Knight", where their sick personalities are explored in each chapter is something you don't see out there. Of course, there may be some author who works with the villains of their respective heroes, or even groups of heroes, but none like this author. Personally, I'm a fan of Poison Ivy, and some other Dark Knight villains that I would love to see portrayed here, just as Ivy was very well portrayed in one chapter. From now on, I invite you, fans of any of the insane minds that inhabit Arkham Asylum, to read the chapters of this plot. I guarantee that you will fall in love with this plot and also find a chapter that portrays your favorite villain here. Come in, come spend a stay at Arkham Asylum. But a warning, my friend, my friend, it is at your own risk hahahahha! I would like to congratulate the author for this plot with such a fascinating concept that really attracted me as I know it should attract more people who take the risk of reading this plot. I SUPER recommend this plot. You won't regret it, my friend, my friend. I would still like to see villains like Black Mask, the Penguin, etc. in these pages. I leave here my appeal to the author of this fantastic plot. Since I started following it, I gradually fell in love with it and to this day I've been following it to see when a new chapter comes out, and I confess that every time I read a new chapter of this plot I fall in love with it even more. I'm not much of a fan of recommending fics, because I kind of don't know how to write recommendations, but when a plot has this effect on me, of feeling that I should write a recommendation, because I really fell in love with the plot, I do it to demonstrate my love for the plot and its author (I tend to read more plots by female authors than by authors). And I think that everyone who comments and, when possible, recommends, should be more flexible with the authors. I have been commenting on the chapters of this plot since I found it and it has been such a pleasure to read and comment on the chapters and now I feel very susceptible to making this recommendation. I think that by doing this I am helping not only the author, but other people to find something interesting to read. And I feel happy to be another leader.

"Farther" refers to physical distance. "Further" relates to metaphorical or non-physical distance. Ex.: The park is farther than I thought. We need to look further into this issue.

"GOOD" and "WELL"

"Good" is an adjective. "Well" is an adverb. Ex.: The food tastes good. She speaks English well.

Recommended by Lirisbiancc

What to say about this story? She is incredible, she gave her first sentences. I'm really impressed, you have a gift for writing, the plot, the way you involve the reader to emerge into the story is impressive. I am completely obsessed, in love, whatever you want to call it with what you created. It's the best story I've read in a long time, you were able to make me feel what the character is going through, in three chapters it won me over, it's addictive. You leave me wanting more with each chapter. I wanted everyone to read it to see what I'm feeling right now, please continue this story that I'm completely addicted to.