Recommended by Keline Costa

Keline Costa
I thought your fic was wonderful... with the Delena couple... I recommend it because it's worth reading... even for those who aren't Delena, I guarantee that you'll like this fic... written by an excellent person... who makes us happy with each chapter that is posted...simply perfect for those who like Delena...the ones they look like Delena always wins me over no matter how and but if it's's a story that has grip from the beginning to the end end...very beautiful...a couple who are separated by a villain and try to relive the love they had before...but of course with lots of obstacles...kk Kisses ♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
"PEEK," "PIQUE," and "PEAK"

"Peek" means a quick look. "Pique" means to provoke or arouse. "Peak" refers to the highest point. Ex.: Let's take a peek at the menu. Her curiosity was piqued. We reached the mountain peak at noon.

"CITE," "SITE," and "SIGHT"

"Cite" means to quote or reference. "Site" refers to a location. "Sight" relates to seeing or a view. Ex.: Remember to cite your sources. The archaeological site is fascinating. The sunset is a breathtaking sight.

Recommended by CatUnic0rn

Well, honestly, I'm very picky when it comes to recommending a story. And this one is not up to my exaggerated standard, however, there are no cons, I love the story, the development, the shipper, the imperfect form of the characters, it is so fascinating and engaging that it would be idiocy/laziness on my part don't share this. So, I hope the fic continues like this, unique