Recommended by Maga Clari

Maga Clari
Once again, I am here recommending an unfinished story. But is that she is so sweet, strong, sentimental and overwhelming that she could not fail to recommend her right now that I finished reading. I confess that I am afraid of the end that the author will give our Liesel Memimger and the poor and sweet Rudy. Like Mark Zuzak (author of "The Girl who stole books"), the author of this fanfic used death as a narrator, which made me feel shivered and desire to cry with all of them, the characters. At first, I was begging that this was the best end for history; May everyone be happy; that Rudy won his dreamed kiss. But from what I'm seeing, Taiza Lopes (Fic Writer) plays with us just as Mark Zuzak joked. She will also take our hopes; She will also treat an ending that we would not expect. Because what we learn from this original book is that although death has heart, it has no power over everything. It cannot always change the facts. I liked this story, captivated me. I don't know when it will be updated, but even if it's just these few chapters, it will be worth reading it. I give my word!

"Complement" means to complete or enhance. "Compliment" means to praise or express admiration. Ex.: The dessert complements the meal beautifully. He received a heartfelt compliment on his performance.


"Stationary" means not moving or not changing. "Stationery" refers to writing materials, such as paper, pens, and envelopes. Ex.: The car remained stationary at the traffic light. I need to buy some stationery for the office.

Recommended by Blueberry Sea

Blueberry Sea
What about this story I barely read and I already consider Pakas? This is definitely the best fanfic I've ever read. There is no way not to love the super heartthrob, Pedro (marries me his dlç). A lot of fun, with crazy, funny and boat characters (the latter was to Ribeiro). You identify a lot with the characters and identify your friends in them as well, not to mention that the story is totally original and joke, so it guarantees good laughs. Very original, it makes you feel part of it all (and wish Brownie Split with Ovomaltine Tut) and be afraid of having your pens stolen: V Anyway, don't waste time and read this wonderful story, you retarded!