Recommended by Fabio Winchester Scofield

Fabio Winchester Scofield
Well that was the only fic of the deadly instruments I liked. Time I read the synopsis had no doubt this fic and very cool (I shouted loudly with joy). Fic talks about the beautiful daughter of the face and Clary (that's right of the daughter of the face and Clary), and a very cool fic. But now for everything guess that he is romantic pair of the daughter of Jace and Clary who really knows, Just read the fic.The writer writes super well. :-))
"PEEK," "PIQUE," and "PEAK"

"Peek" means a quick look. "Pique" means to provoke or arouse. "Peak" refers to the highest point. Ex.: Let's take a peek at the menu. Her curiosity was piqued. We reached the mountain peak at noon.


"Precede" means to come before in time or order. "Proceed" means to continue or move forward. Ex.: The introduction precedes the main text. After the break, we will proceed with the meeting.

Recommended by Swagging Bia

Swagging Bia
I read the first story of the anonymous girl and when I discovered this one I ran to read! I just loved both stories! The plot is so addictive that I wanted to run to read the rest and didn't even give time to comment and then when I finally saw that she had not posted anymore, I freaked out! This story blends everything in one! Romance, mystery, fiction and everything. It is very worth reading, and I just loved it! Anonymous girl, congratulations, you managed to write something addictive and perfect!