Recommended by Irwingrada

I couldn't help but recommend this fanfic, because it's perfect. She was very anxious to see what would happen to Nana after Happy disappeared. And I missed the beautiful Dan. Well, if you haven't read the first season, I advise you to read it, because you start reading and never stop. The author is also very good, there are no errors in Portuguese (my opinion, of course). Now that you've read the first season, come and read this one, because it's amazing and on top of that we have a villain to hate... If you like to laugh and be like (oh my God, how cute) or you like adventure and seeing your favorite characters in a single fanfic... You're in the right place, my friend. There are still secondary characters and their stories that leave nothing to be desired. And there's also Itachi and Happy! My God, so much perfection in one fanfic (only Itachi of course, sorry Happy). Well that's it. Right now

"Effect" is a noun meaning result. "Affect" is a verb meaning to influence. Ex.: The new policy had a significant effect. The weather can affect our mood.


"Altogether" means completely or in total. "All together" means everyone or everything in a group. Ex.: The project was altogether successful. We sang the song all together.

Recommended by Lulu Potter Malfoy

Lulu Potter Malfoy
This story took a completely new approach to the Sailor Moon plot!!! I had never thought of a lunar prince in the princess's place nor that this tension between the Earth and the Moon had any other cause than pure greed!! I recommend this story to all those who love yaoi and who have always imagined Sailor Moon this way!!!!