Recommended by FagnerLSantos

Dragon Ball Unforgiven is the fifth delivery of the Ericyagami fanfics saga. Chronologically, she doesn't care directly with the previous four, but still part of the saga and reading you will understand. This story reconstructs the events of Dragon Ball Next, by the same author, in an alternative world, where Bills has never awakened and the superior instinct is just a legend, but not think that this fanfic is a copy of Next, because gradually she It gains its own essence and brings the expansion of some concepts already defined in the canon of the series genius. The story is more on the ground as to the levels of the characters, if you are already used to the author's other works, but even so, there is once that little madness that we like (or not). If you have never read any of the previous stories and want to know a little more about the author, I think this is the perfect fanfic for you, because it will not make you confused and will not escape much of the traditional Dragon Ball, it is short and prepare you a lot Well to be able to read the other fanfics of the author, so I highly recommend even for newbies. Dragon Ball Unforgiven is a great story!
"THEN" and "THAN"

"Then" relates to time. "Than" is used for comparison. Ex.: First, we'll have lunch, and then we'll go for a walk. He is more experienced than I am.


"Ensure" means to guarantee or make certain. "Insure" refers to obtaining insurance coverage. Ex.: Please ensure the door is locked. We need to insure our new car.