The Ultimates.

History inspired by the stories I read or read.
Dragon slayers after a few years of living independently of their dragon, all of them undergo a special test, when the dragons decide that they have grown up enough.
they test their children to see if they were worthy to remain dragon slayers or if they had what it took to be ultimates, the ultimate dragon slayers.
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—It's that time of year again, the only day when ground and thunder are somehow
clever, how are things going to find some interesting with her already? spark.
—not yet, the guy with my tear is kind of curious but I don't see anything else and before I forget, fuck it up.
—aye, and it's gonna be hell too thunder, now how are your puppies gradenny and metallicana.
— she's a great slayer but so far she doesn't seem to have shown anything an ultimate needs to have.
— I'm in the same gajeel it's strong but it doesn't show that spark and I also doubt it will accept the offer even because of the blueness there.
— it seems that so far none of the slayers other than the sons of skia and weiss, will become an Ultimate, igneel what do you think of your son.
— no, I doubt natsu will get it from what I've seen so far, there's still time until the test ends
but I don't think he'll pass but now I found an interesting person.
— seriously, she's the one you're interested in.
— yes, she definitely has what it takes, I see in those eyes the spark of an Ultimate fire. she said with a smile while looking at a certain blonde who was running through the ruins of the city.
blair vermillion


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blair vermillion

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