Recommended by Tecnoartemago

Digimon & Disney: A Spectacular Adventure is a wonderful fanfic that unites the best of two Fantasy Universes in the same exciting and fascinating story in which Mickey, Donald and so many characters that we have marveled at with their stories join the Digimon to save the Digital World from a great evil in a story full of adventure, friendship, companionship and all the themes that captivate us so much in Digimon stories to create a wonderful saga that I recommend you read.

"Effect" is a noun meaning result. "Affect" is a verb meaning to influence. Ex.: The new policy had a significant effect. The weather can affect our mood.

"LED" and "LEAD"

"Led" is the past tense of the verb "to lead." "Lead" can be a verb meaning to guide or a noun referring to a type of metal. Ex.: She led the team to victory. He will lead the project. The pipes are made of lead.

Recommended by Genfell

This incredible and engaging story has all the aspects to tie someone into its plot. Firstly, it is inspired by Disney characters and a famous current series called The Walking Dead. You, like me, may not watch the series or you may not be as connected to Disney films (which is not my case), but you will definitely like this story. Because this fanfic is like a book that gets better at home, the suspense and drama surrounding the story just make you want more and more, and it's amazing how this reading will improve your day in a way that only you will know, when you try it. So start now.