Recommended by Princess Snow Evil

Princess Snow Evil
I'm really impressed with your fanfiction, it really impresses me, you make me imagine that I'm in the story, and I think you deserve a recommendation. You're committed to the fic, and only now that I've created the account can I comment at will. .Congratulations on your fanfic and continue being this wonderful writer!
"ITS" and "IT'S"

"Its" shows possession. "It's" is a contraction for "it is" or "it has." Ex.: The dog wagged its tail. It's a lovely day outside.


"Discreet" means careful or unobtrusive. "Discrete" means separate or distinct. Ex.: She was discreet about her personal life. The project was divided into discrete tasks.

Recommended by PinUpGirl

Anyone who is a fan of The Hunchback of Notre Dame will love this short! It's incredible how the author managed to create something intense, that captures you and leaves you in total despair and ecstasy at the same time! Simply one of the best shorts I've read in years... And look, I've been Nyah's louse for years! So when I say the fic is good my friend... you better read it! So come read Hellfire! u.u