Recommended by Ania

War Z, it's not just a story that involves another zombie apocalypse, or something related, it's actually a fantastic story! Action, Sex, conflicts, Deaths, everything with incredible realism, from the characters' most melancholic thoughts to the most bloodthirsty scenes. The narrative's features, despite being written by an amateur, sometimes achieve something that some considered professionals would not achieve. The details of the descriptions of the actions, the atmosphere of great beauty and chaos at the same time is something that fascinated me. It's a little difficult, I confess, to separate in recent times, good stories with this subject, from those that perhaps due to fad end up being successful, but I believe that many would like this work. And for those who are still in doubt, read the synopsis. This is where you will find at least a little of what I say in this recommendation. Time Lady.

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Recommended by isy Riddle

isy Riddle
What can I say about this story? I only have praise about it, until the end of a story that doesn't show a daughter of one of the Avengers like her father or who was nothing like her but out of nowhere gains powers and becomes a superhero. it's a super original fic and I'm going to say that was missing, because sir, these stories about unknown superhero daughters are completely similar apart from this one I don't know how this story doesn't have 200 people following it, I really don't know . This author had such a cool idea that it made me a little jealous of her brilliant mind, of the desire to open her head just to take away some of her creativity, I know, it's a bit bizarre but what can I do? Before I finish my story I only have one more thing to say. read this story you won't regret it