Recommended by Lady Brisa

Lady Brisa
A! my first recommendation hallelujah! Okay, I had tried to recommend another fic, but it didn't work and... nobody wants to know that, right? Well, I'm going to talk in detail about why I'm recommending this fic. 1 It was the first animal fic I read, and from the beginning, I fell in love. The writing, each word makes you want to reach the end of the chapter, and when that happens, you're left wanting more, and anxiously waiting for the next one, and when it arrives you just run there and devour the chapter, and stay there, waiting for more. 2 The plot. Oh, I don't even mention that! 1 is based on a documentary, which makes the story even more exciting. The speakers detail the facts very well, just like what happens in real life. I'm not going to give spoilers here, so read the fic, seriously! Especially if you're a fanatic animal lover like me, read it, and if you're not, read it too, here's a tip! Well, I think that's it, kisses.

"Principal" refers to a person in a position of authority or the primary part of something. "Principle" means a fundamental rule or belief. Ex.: The school principal addressed the students. The principal reason for our success is teamwork. Honesty is an important principle to uphold.


"Imply" means to suggest indirectly. "Infer" means to deduce or conclude from evidence. Ex.: Her silence seemed to imply disapproval. From her reaction, we can infer that she is unhappy.

Recommended by Raff

The Forbidden Princess was the first Lion King fic I read in human form, the way the author writes teleports you into the story making you feel what her characters (very well developed in fact) feel at their core. The fact that the narrative is similar to a period novel was what captivated me most, I'm also passionate about "enemies to lovers" novels, which was another thing I loved about the writing. Just wonderful! S2