Recommended by Evie Pace

Evie Pace
I promised that I was going to recommend this fic to myself at the end of it, promised and promised. But something has driven me, and it turned out that I recommended now, which still has few chapters. Dangerous? Probably. But only by the few and amazing chapter, I can trust the author enough to know that what's coming is to seal! Well, I love Butterfly's writing. It is light, natural, and a mix of John Green with Rainbow Rowell. Serious. And I love Rowell. I still don't understand how "ice castles" is still just a fic. And the characters are charming, and adorable, fascinating, complex, well written ... and all the best. There is no way to explain, but ... there! Will read soon. FIC is also addictive. Like, super addictive. You start and when you realize it is in the last update gnawing your nails for the next. In truth. It's the type of fanfic that deserves every comment, recommendation, favorites and everything else. Why 'Ice Castles' is life, and end. So yeah, (cliché), go read now. And if you read because of this recommendation here ... Well, you don't have to thank me. * Wink * and know, butterfly, that when you have already published this story, I force you to send me an autographed and hardcover copy. And that. Stop looking for fanfic if you found 'ice castles', and get in this confusion! A kiss from your reader: | The Moon, Luna! |

"Advice" is a noun. "Advise" is a verb. Ex.: His advice was invaluable. Can you advise me on this issue?


"Complement" means to complete or enhance. "Compliment" means to praise or express admiration. Ex.: The dessert complements the meal beautifully. He received a heartfelt compliment on his performance.

Recommended by tainabe

I love her story ... it's incredibly perfect and I'm crazy to know the rest and she always takes advantage of it and takes time to post ... nbrinadeiras separate Correct, because the others never fit. She writes how Meg think she downloads a Chico Xavier in her and she writes everything like Meg. Shuahsua boy your story Jami and I hope she never ended. When I asked you to continue writing on fanfiction and giving you the site for you to post here I knew this story would be perfect and I never mistaken ... Ahsuhsua nposto loogo! NCOM Amor, NTAINABE