[AVISO!: Eu não vou usar essa conta com a mesma frequência de antes, devido a motivos X e Y, que não vou citar aqui. Vocês poderão me encontrar com mais frequência nas contas do ao3, @queerbaz e @alexvfierro. Apesar disso, eu vou continuar lendo fanfics por aqui, e talvez volte a usar o site para publicar fanfics. Eu também parei de usar o wattpad, apesar de, no caso deste, eu não estou usando mesmo: eu desinstalei o aplicativo do telefone, e quase nunca uso pelo computador. Espero que entendam! ♥]

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"Every woman, every man, everyone should be a feminist. Because whoever is not a feminist is a sexist." — Gal Gadot

Lesbian. Queer.

"And holy crap did kissing girls feel good, oh my god! This is what I didn't understand when people were like 'No, kissing girls is gross'. I was like 'But they're so soft and small and their hand fits so well in yours and they smell nice'..." — Dodie Clark


"Listen, I didn't come here to ship it lightly, ok? I came here for it to consume my soul." — yuurisviktor; tumblr


"Social anxiety disorder.

What people say: 'Ugh, I'm so socially anxious, I hate small talk.'

What it's really like: 'I really have to go to the bathroom, but I won't get up because everyone will stare...'" — College Humor: What You Say About Mental Illness vs What You Actually Mean


"Chaos, leave me never. Keep me wild and keep me free, so that my brokenness will be, the only beauty the world will see." — R. M. Drake


"He said: Don't you feel lonely living in your own little world?

She whispered: Don't you feel powerless living in other people's worlds?" — F. G.


"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination." — Albert Einstein

"I don't love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful." — Natalie Portman


"She's water. Poweful enough to drown you, soft enough to cleanse you, deep enough to save you." — Unknown


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