Recommended by Capituluna

I recommend it because it has suspense, mystery, romance, friendship and much more. nI'm crazy with curiosity with each chapter. She (the author) knows how to create new facts without leaving the central context. I love this story and I hope that everyone who reads this recommendation also reads it and won't regret it.:))) ))))))
"FEWER" and "LESS"

"Fewer" is used for countable items. "Less" is used for uncountable quantities. Ex.: We need fewer chairs. There is less water in the bottle.


"Breathe" means to inhale and exhale. "Breath" refers to a single inhalation or exhalation. Ex.: Remember to breathe deeply and relax. She took a deep breath before diving.

Recommended by dreams

Wow!! Anyone who loves Seddie here will be moved by Need You Tonight!! Very good!! Sam and Freddie's feelings become ours. Every word you read makes you want to read more and more!! Read it, it's very, very, very good!! ;)