Recommended by Scarless

Okay, many of you might be surprised why I only now decided to recommend this fic. Short and clear answer: laziness! I've wanted to recommend it for a long time, but every time I start Mozilla on my computer it stops for good (I almost play the poor thing on my computer that day). I'll be brief (that's good if I don't get too excited and end up that instead of a 300-word recommendation it turns into an analysis of 1,100). I usually recommend them by topic and here it will be no different, I will give you 7 reasons to read this wonderful story; 1-It's kind of strange that a fic as good as this has so few favorites, and I'm almost sure that 95% of these people just don't read it because it's pretty obvious that the focus isn't even one Little Seddie. Yes, I admit that I am a Seddie shipper but nothing stopped me from enjoying this story. She's amazing, even though she doesn't have Seddie, and I honestly would rather she didn't. The main universe revolves around Sam, and it deals with her attempts to forget Freddie, and she has a lot of help, and it is on this path that I arrive at the next topic; 2- the fic is entirely based on the beautiful friendship between Sam and Jesse (a character exclusively created by the author _Jade's twin brother) and how Sam wishes one day she could love him like she loves Freddie . 3-Jesse is a boy worth falling in love with (beautiful, cute, understanding, protective, companionable, affectionate _in a few moments_ Fun and a little paranoid _a part where he made me laugh_ kind of gothic more pretty cool (that's when he likes you). There's no way you won't fall in love with him (what's up? It's hard to find guys like that these days). 4-Total Scooby-doo moment, A mystery surrounds the world of models, and it's something that needs to be solved. Well, that's exactly what puts Sam's life at risk (read and understand). 5-something that pleased me immediately straight away, as the plot move was done, as soon as a subject was finished and poof something better appeared and kept you asking for more and more... 6-who likes a good sex scene fight between life and death? At the end there is a scene that I have honestly never seen something so well done and detailed. I'm not going to talk exactly about it... I bet many of you also hate spoilers. 7-the fic deals entirely with the subject of friendship, and mainly with how you feel grateful for the friends you have, especially Jesse, who has shown himself to be a character that very few have, and a friend truly like few others are. Well... I hope you enjoyed it... and I really hope you drop at least a little bit of the seddie, (not everything... we will always remain seddies) and let's get something different. And this fic is a great example.

"Quiet" means silent or calm. "Quite" is used for emphasis or degree. Ex.: The library is very quiet. The movie was quite entertaining.


"Discreet" means careful or unobtrusive. "Discrete" means separate or distinct. Ex.: She was discreet about her personal life. The project was divided into discrete tasks.

Recommended by Nikysk

Recommendation for Mandy UI history. I didn't want to come here and do any cliché so I'll try something serious, good Seod is a story that has drama? Yes, do you have comedy? Of course, do you have romance? Um, it can be said yes. Some of the above options must have pleased you as a reader, but it was none of those who made me come here and recommend, was it simply stopped to think how someone hasn't read this rarity yet? Like, the author is super talented and the story has no Portuguese errors, this is enough for me. But if it does not convince I can say that here there is also the best sex scenes ever written about Sam and Freddie and the fic is not even over. Over exaggerating? I wanted to be K and it is also my opinion, so if you are not believing yet read!. There is a mystery and intrigue, and maybe a sam you've never seen before, and I didn't even say how much I love the author of Seod, you will love her, I'm sure to know her also through History, your musical tastes are placed here and her talent, which made me come here and recommend it to you. or not, and lose this experience that I am having, wonderful alias, I must say that it is too satisfactory. I love you Mandy ♥ I tried to convince these mortals that we don't even have something new and unique. Read seriously k. It was not easy to make this recommendation but it was from the heart. Kisses my ♥