Recommended by xGoldenFairy

Well, recommending this fanfic is more than a desire, it's a necessity. I've always been a fan of KuroFay since time immemorial and I was always looking for fanfics about them and never found one that I liked... I was surprised when I found "And If You Hear Me", I honestly loved it, it was a read that left me feeling super involved and excited. Finding my favorite characters, in a super well-written and well-made story, certainly made me super happy. And I believe that the author deserves congratulations, and she already has my total admiration for this fanfic, which will certainly remain etched in my memory. I've already read and reread this fic, and I can reread it as many times as I want and I'll never get bored. For these and other reasons, I highly recommend everyone to read this simply divine story written by "BeforeIDecay"!
"YOUR" and "YOU'RE"

"Your" indicates possession. "You're" is a contraction for "you are." Ex.: Is this your umbrella? You're a wonderful person.


"Accept" means to receive or agree to something. "Except" means to exclude or leave out. Ex.: Please accept our apologies. Everyone is invited, except for Tom.

Recommended by Yoru

Such a beautiful fanfic and at the same time so well written - I feel like Sakura-chan reading this story! She is so passionate, funny and fun to read that she makes us vomit rainbows every now and then! Syaoran starts off grumpy, mean, and annoying towards our dear Sakura-chan but then, (very slowly) he changes, and so does she. That's it for the smallest details and that's it! We are inside the story. "Um Sopro de Felicidade" is so kawaii, it's really worth reading, I recommend it!!!