Recommended by Zakuro Chan

Zakuro Chan
very good read this story it's a 10 compared to Tokyo mew mew it seems the same thing it seems like they are sisters changing that tokyo mew mew Ichigo got the mess of massya here I don't think so, well I'm happy to write this enjoy
"YOUR" and "YOU'RE"

"Your" indicates possession. "You're" is a contraction for "you are." Ex.: Is this your umbrella? You're a wonderful person.


"Discreet" means careful or unobtrusive. "Discrete" means separate or distinct. Ex.: She was discreet about her personal life. The project was divided into discrete tasks.

Recommended by Maryko113

It's the best Kisshigo story I've ever read, and I've read so many that I've lost count. The story is beautiful, Yeru-sama writes in such a way that you can't put it down, the couple is extremely cute and each chapter leaves that "taste of wanting more". I would do anything for the story to continue, I created an account just to follow it. If you start reading this story, you won't regret it, I guarantee it