Recommended by Gi47

What a fantastic story, what amazing story. It's the best Sherlock story I've read in my life. There are other wonderful Sherlock fanfic, of course, but this exceeds in many ways. I barely finished reading a chapter. I had to take a break to recommend. It was inspired by a video that I always watched, but this story surpasses every second that video every detail, every speech, every gesture, every paragraph, every moment, each sentence. Worth a lot. It is very worthwhile. My God from heaven. This is the best story of Sherlock. It's like everyone wanted to be the fifth season ... I barely finished reading all the chapters but I need to recommend I'm really enjoying this beautiful and wonderful story Read for the love of God. Read

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Recommended by Mell Bates

Mell Bates
Great story, light, intelligent and humorous. I read it and liked the author's light and charismatic tone, as she created a brief narrative about the most famous detective in the world. The fanfic is well characterized, with details that, for Sherlock fans, will be a breeze to appreciate! The light and humorous tone is due to the ambiguous relationship between the London detective and his faithful (and beloved) partner, Whatson! It's very elementary to like the idea, lol! Great reading.