Recommended by Carol Costa

Carol Costa
Surprising, unpredictable, passionate and daring! But the adjective that best describes this fanfic is undoubtedly: Innovative; in the broadest sense of the word. It's not like any other superhero fanfic I've ever read; It exceeded all my expectations in terms of the protagonist and especially the plot. "Russian Roulette" is truly a pearl among so many other superhero fanfics in which the main plot is usually too predictable and boils down to just a "sweet" romance between the main hero and the original protagonist. "Russian Roulette", however, is nothing like fan fiction. And it is precisely because the story is not at all cliché, among many others, that I literally fell in love with it at first sight. The plot is even more complex and intriguing than it initially appears to be; With each chapter new mysteries emerge and you feel more and more excited to know what will come next. You feel like you could read the whole story in one sitting and reread it again and again and you still wouldn't get tired of it. "Russian Roulette" is truly a treat for those who love Black Panther, strong characters and a far from ordinary plot filled with incredible secrets and mysteries!

"Complement" means to complete or enhance. "Compliment" means to praise or express admiration. Ex.: The dessert complements the meal beautifully. He received a heartfelt compliment on his performance.


"Canvas" is a type of strong, heavy cloth. "Canvass" means to seek support or opinions, usually by going door to door. Ex.: The artist painted on a canvas. The politician will canvass the neighborhood for votes.

Recommended by ElinorGrey

I love this fanfic and I love this author! I know it took me a long time to make this recommendation, but after being warned about the update, I decided not to postpone and here I am. I met Naomii has little time, through unusual friends, you are a wonderful person, affectionate and very centered, I really like it in you. Your fanfics are amazing and I am happy in every new idea you have and run to tell me and ask for advice. Lithium is a great, well -written and very accurate fanfic, outside that the shipp is totally new, which I love. I think I already said I'm T'Rowan on my card, right? Kiss, my friend! And very successful!