Recommended by Jack O Frost

Jack O Frost
Honestly, I would be crazy if I didn't recommend this fanfic in particular, because it made me cry, it made me love Yato-chan more than I love him, it made me love Hiyori more than I thought I did... Honestly, the story It's a bit different from the anime and manga, because the time, from what it implied, is a not so distant future... The narrative was so beautiful and passionate. The story created, in itself, was so beautiful that I felt in love in the first few sentences. It's something dramatic, which will certainly make you cry at least a little. Honestly, I can't think of another Noragami fanfic as beautiful as she is. Aunt Jack

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Recommended by lucy cheney

lucy cheney
This story is very beautiful and beautiful. When I read the summary I thought she was going to talk about how Hiyori missed the god of calamity but I was surprised and that surprise was very good! If you're going to read this story, I guarantee you'll love it like I loved it and you'll love the ending.