Recommended by Chronows

Unlike all the other multi-crossovers, this one is something genuinely complex and at the same time simple, simple because to this day I've never seen anyone with a similar idea and I have at least 2 years on fanfic sites, even though I recently arrived at Nyah, I usually pay a lot of attention to fanfics like this and this one caught my interest because it has: Family drama, mystery regarding the main character's powers, it's well written and the chapters are long. About the posting time it's not huge but it's not that short but it makes up for it with quality

"There" refers to a place. "Their" indicates possession. "They're" is a contraction for "they are." Ex.: There is a beautiful garden. Their house is nearby. They're going for a walk.

"WHO'S" and "WHOSE"

"Who's" is a contraction for "who is." "Whose" indicates possession. Ex.: Who's attending the conference? Whose jacket is this?

Recommended by Mokocchi

Fun, comical, and engaging. I had seen the cover a while ago on the tumblr, and wondered what it would be like if Zoro really got in wedding dress and stopped the wedding. And isn't it that someone made a fanfic of it? And I must say it didn't disappoint me! Very well written, it perfectly portrayed the personality of the characters and was very faithful to the form that Oda represents the sequence of acts. If you are interested in a funny, relaxed story, and of course, very gay, don't let this one pass!