Recommended by Samanta Chatham

Samanta Chatham
It's been a while since a fic won me over so quickly! Already in the first chapter, I read it with a smile on my face, in love with the author's writing, the character Samantha and, of course, Clark Kent. If you are a fan of the Man of Steel, Superman, you have to know this fic! Clark and Samantha have explosive chemistry! It's so well written, so well crafted ♥ Oh guys, really beautiful ♥

"Eminent" means distinguished or prominent. "Imminent" means about to happen or impending. Ex.: She is an eminent scientist. The storm is imminent, so we should stay indoors.


"Canvas" is a type of strong, heavy cloth. "Canvass" means to seek support or opinions, usually by going door to door. Ex.: The artist painted on a canvas. The politician will canvass the neighborhood for votes.

Recommended by Tha

Simple and exciting, the story alone becomes your own recommendation, captures all the feelings I felt like when I watched the movie and came across this beautiful couple for the first time ... This is no doubt that the story that most It touched my heart in a long time and I say it both for the movie and this beautiful one written by this wonderful author ... It is almost a crime to stop reading it and that is why I leave here my deep thanks for a way Wonderful to complete one of the best movies I've watched in a long time. Really, thank you very much.