Recommended by signora styles

signora styles
Putz! What to say about this story? It's too perfect *-* it's everything I love mixed together, so it's like this, perfect perfection K'.. damn bro, I have nothing to say, this fic is pure perfection, ps..
"FEWER" and "LESS"

"Fewer" is used for countable items. "Less" is used for uncountable quantities. Ex.: We need fewer chairs. There is less water in the bottle.

"CITE," "SITE," and "SIGHT"

"Cite" means to quote or reference. "Site" refers to a location. "Sight" relates to seeing or a view. Ex.: Remember to cite your sources. The archaeological site is fascinating. The sunset is a breathtaking sight.

Recommended by Kaahroline

I highly recommend this fic as you already know I'm in love with stories about the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato and this was another story about them that I really loved, it was the first fic I read about them.....I followed this one fic from the beginning.... besides being written very well... this story is wonderfully wonderful (okay, that sounded really good but I don't care) it's full of romance, a little bit of suspense, a lot of love and hot scenes hsuahsuahs