Recommended by Annie Steiner

Annie Steiner
What can I say about this beautiful, perfect and wonderful fic that won fifteen tons of Nutella? This fic grabs you and makes you want to go into Fanfiction all the time. Then you go in and keep your fingers crossed, hoping the author has posted another chapter. I have two words that sum up this story: Simply perfect. It's that kind of story that makes you laugh and sigh with each chapter, each paragraph, each sentence. It's the kind of story that is so captivating that it makes you want to meet the characters in the mall or on the street. I recommended this story so that other readers can be enchanted by it. That's what the author does: enchants people. Read!
"WHO'S" and "WHOSE"

"Who's" is a contraction for "who is." "Whose" indicates possession. Ex.: Who's attending the conference? Whose jacket is this?


"Accept" means to receive or agree to something. "Except" means to exclude or leave out. Ex.: Please accept our apologies. Everyone is invited, except for Tom.

Recommended by Anna Borges

Anna Borges
When I finished FMF4 I was thinking about what happened to Leo and Fani after the marriage proposal, if they had children and such. And a day strolling through Nyah! I think this fanfic is wonderful with an even more wonderful author, already in the first chapter I felt like I was reading one of Paulinha's books again, and that delicious longing hit me, but soon being pushed by Gabi's (Or Kate's) story, I honestly want to say that I I love this fanfic and it deserves all the recommendations possible!