Recommended by Aiko Hikari

Aiko Hikari
Readers and fans of surprising fics, if you are looking for something that involves you and is romantic but not too saccharine or if you like electrifying combats then don't waste time and start reading Twilight Worldwide, I guarantee you won't regret it, the plot is super good worked and the characters seem like I've known them for thousands of years. I started reading it because it was recommended to me and I'm already a fan, so good reading to you who followed my advice. And if you didn't follow, I'm sorry, you don't know what you're missing kisses
"YOUR" and "YOU'RE"

"Your" indicates possession. "You're" is a contraction for "you are." Ex.: Is this your umbrella? You're a wonderful person.


"Farther" refers to physical distance. "Further" relates to metaphorical or non-physical distance. Ex.: The park is farther than I thought. We need to look further into this issue.

Recommended by Grimmliz

I rarely use Nyah!, but if there's one function that I really loved, it's recommending fanfics. I can barely put into words enough reasons why you, a person who loves Fate, and especially who loves Gilgarturia, should read this work of art. The author is a wonderful diva, the writing is impeccable, the kind you find very little out there, and did I already say that it's Gilgarturia? lol Anyway, one last piece of friendly advice... READ IT! ♥