Recommended by Castebulos Snape

Castebulos Snape
I started reading this story because the author is a friend of mine, but that's not the only reason I'm recommending it. I'm choosing this fic as the first one I recommend because it's creative, captivating and very well written. If it weren't so good, I wouldn't recommend it, I would just favorite it and that's it, but Bia deserves it. for everyone who likes a good teenage romance: angelsXvampires! P.S. congratulations, little pink thing of my heart!
"THEN" and "THAN"

"Then" relates to time. "Than" is used for comparison. Ex.: First, we'll have lunch, and then we'll go for a walk. He is more experienced than I am.

"GOOD" and "WELL"

"Good" is an adjective. "Well" is an adverb. Ex.: The food tastes good. She speaks English well.

Recommended by Evelinn Augusto

Evelinn Augusto
I'm completely in love with this story, it's fantastic. One of the best fanfics I've ever read if someone likes TVD, Fallen and Sussuro like me will love this fanfic. My 3 passions in a single fanfic, I recommend everyone to read this wonderful story.