Recommended by Toriih

I truly recommend it. My friends, this is my third recommendation and of the three, two are from this wonderful author. Good people, seriously, I'm really happy reading this fic, the story is incredible and it shows you, if I keep talking I'll end up giving spoilers hahah. ; ) Congratulations Mirandisa, you are top of the galaxy, I'm not surprised your fics are so good, good not great, I mean excellent, no no, much more than great. lol You've already gained a loyal reader of the Divertente saga ♥, but I know that any story you create/write, regardless of the theme, will be (I don't even know if I can anymore) say something that is more than incredible or top of the galaxy lol But I'll try) super mega too. ♥ ♥
"FEWER" and "LESS"

"Fewer" is used for countable items. "Less" is used for uncountable quantities. Ex.: We need fewer chairs. There is less water in the bottle.


"Precede" means to come before in time or order. "Proceed" means to continue or move forward. Ex.: The introduction precedes the main text. After the break, we will proceed with the meeting.

Recommended by Susana

Well, I think this is the second recommendation I've made in my many years with Nyah, so I think that fact in itself is a very positive point in favor of this fic... I'm not the typical romance reader , but this one won me over because of the writing (very well written!), the good narrative, and the fact that the story has a hint of truth, that is, the characters are coherent and seem real. I recommend this fic mainly because the author deserves more recognition for her excellent work. Read it and you will see that it is worth it! They will end up looking forward to how this love story will evolve and how they will be able to overcome the obstacle called Nita!