Recommended by claritcha

This story is completely perfect. Yasmine writes divinely and makes her readers feel like they are participating. The detailed form conveys the author's confidence in reporting her writings, in addition to writing well. It's interesting the way she connects her chapters, not with a continuation, but as an apprehension for readers to become curious to read more. This is a unique characteristic of fanfic. It's not that story where the protagonist got pregnant from the beginning. It's perfect and under no circumstances would I stop reading it.
"LOSE" and "LOOSE"

"Lose" means to fail to win or misplace. "Loose" means not tight or free. Ex.: I don't want to lose my keys. The button on my shirt is loose.


"Imply" means to suggest indirectly. "Infer" means to deduce or conclude from evidence. Ex.: Her silence seemed to imply disapproval. From her reaction, we can infer that she is unhappy.

Recommended by Bruninhagavassi

This fic is very cute, romantic, everything is good! Mainly because it has my sweet guy, Bruno Mars, he is very romantic in this fic! It tells the story of a girl who suffered a lot in life until she found her great love, which is Bruno ! n And she's not even heavy. Every chapter I read, I sigh trying to imagine myself in the character's place, how lucky! not highly recommended!