Recommended by Biing

Before I even read the story, I thought it was just another story from the Once Upon A Time category, but as soon as I entered the first chapter and read a famous phrase from fairy tales: "Once upon a time..." just which was in English and that excited me so much that every time I reread the entire story I feel a positive energy, even though normally a person would feel all the adventure, romance and drama of this story, which is also possible to feel in some parts. n Gabiza, you were made to write stories like this! The creativity you have in creating names and the entire story around it enchants me. Storybrook is a city that I really feel like stopping by even though time stands still and even though it had a past where evil and good were fighting. n Hook and Emma are those two lovebirds in love that you don't get sad because you don't have a love like that, you get inspired and start to love the couple and not their components. n Even though the story didn't have many adventures, I'm already enchanted. It was worth my time to read the whole story, and I hope that the story becomes as good as it already is. And it really could be a good book!

"Breathe" means to inhale and exhale. "Breath" refers to a single inhalation or exhalation. Ex.: Remember to breathe deeply and relax. She took a deep breath before diving.


"Accept" means to receive or agree to something. "Except" means to exclude or leave out. Ex.: Please accept our apologies. Everyone is invited, except for Tom.

Recommended by inaah

What can I say about this incredible story! That made me completely hooked from the first chapter! Despite everything that happens, the difficulties etc.. The characters are always moving forward! Always looking for something, someone... I'm always surprised by the story, I find it almost impossible to predict what will happen! And that fascinates me. This is the first recommendation I make! I'm completely addicted! I look forward to each chapter! I was looking for something to read! I was a little sad and fine! I found Nightmares Come True! Which is incredibly perfect and completely addictive! Well, I love the fic! I think this is it!