Recommended by IngraAldrin

I loved one! I loved the way Diva Anna described the story and how it really makes us question who the BTBoy she will end up with! I identified with the main character and there's no way not to. I loved it and recommend it to everyone to read, it’s perfect!

"Complement" means to complete or enhance. "Compliment" means to praise or express admiration. Ex.: The sauce complements the dish perfectly. She complimented him on his presentation.

"PEEK," "PIQUE," and "PEAK"

"Peek" means a quick look. "Pique" means to provoke or arouse. "Peak" refers to the highest point. Ex.: Let's take a peek at the menu. Her curiosity was piqued. We reached the mountain peak at noon.

Recommended by Frances

I was thinking for a while and came to the conclusion that I really don't know how to start recommending this story, simply because it's too much, so much so that it doesn't fit into a short text like this. I've lost count of how many times I found myself rereading the chapters, and how much time I spent thinking about the entire plot, it's a mystery that consumes and leaves you always eager for more. In addition to being extremely well written (which in itself deserves praise), the story is completely engaging. There are many details that make me love TR.. I love the fact that the story is based on the series, remembering characters that are often left aside, I love how the personalities are maintained even though the characters have a special touch to leave the good story.. The involvement of music with the story (I really love it!). And above all, I love all the drama, suspense and blood that makes everything much more exciting! Problematic people are with me, I love a good troubled relationship! Anyway, I could spend a lot of time writing about this story and it still wouldn't do justice to the feeling of reading it. The Roommate deserves all the recommendations in the world! ♥