Recommended by Kiwriah

Nerve is a fanfiction that, even though I didn't know the game Nerve, Nick Jonas and, at the time, Shawn Mendes, managed to captivate me. It starts out good, and gets better as the difficulty of the challenges increases. I recommend it to anyone looking to read something with a lot of bullshit, adventure, mystery, and a pinch of yaoi!

"Ensure" means to guarantee or make certain. "Insure" refers to obtaining insurance coverage. Ex.: Please ensure the door is locked. We need to insure our new car.


"Breathe" means to inhale and exhale. "Breath" refers to a single inhalation or exhalation. Ex.: Remember to breathe deeply and relax. She took a deep breath before diving.

Recommended by Lily Chase Jackson

Lily Chase Jackson
This fic is very good and deserves a recommendation at its level, well I'm going to try but I know I'll never get there but I'm still recommending it, it's very good, it's fantastic, it has the cutest sppider, Harrella, it's really very perfect, so perfect that it leaves me I have no words but I'm still writing Princess Gaby, she does it very well, it's worth reading without further ado, have a good read