Recommended by Mediators Demigods

Mediators Demigods
I don't usually go around recommending stories, but this one deserves my respect and my humble, but constructive words. Twilight World is a fic that allows us to live beyond what we believe is possible. When you least expect it, something extraordinary happens that leaves both the reader and the characters stunned and with messy feelings. Twilight World allows you to suffer, laugh, fall in love, suffer again (laughs), thus following what the characters are going through. I have 3, almost 4 years of experience with fics and I know how the writer sometimes suffers with some chapters and I know that the writer of this fic is very dedicated and creative in what she does. SO IF YOU WANT TO READ SOMETHING REALLY GOOD, read Twilight World.
"THEN" and "THAN"

"Then" relates to time. "Than" is used for comparison. Ex.: First, we'll have lunch, and then we'll go for a walk. He is more experienced than I am.


"Ensure" means to guarantee or make certain. "Insure" refers to obtaining insurance coverage. Ex.: Please ensure the door is locked. We need to insure our new car.

Recommended by Rafaela Petterson

Rafaela Petterson
Fanfic more than perfect, the author's writing is simply great what only helps further make this perfect fic (is there a better than perfect word? Too much stimulates the reader's imagination, and although they have many characters in history he can pay due attention to each one, so if he wants a fic with action, great characters with a great goal, with a good story (and a lot of blood) Glue there and let's read the predator fic: the Brotherhood of the Justicers. I recommend!