Recommended by kaumalade

So why read "help, it's already Christmas!" What a beast question, will soon read!. And I don't say that just because it was a gift to me or why this author/person goddess wrote. She doesn't need me to know she is already, but it's always good to point out. This is the kind of story you read, cries laughing, continues to read, choke on laughing, reading a little more, you are dehydrated from crying to laugh, and read and shippa why there is no way Do not ship, read, end, and you get angry to want more. A good one-phone for those sad days where it's hard to cheer up, or if you love bad jokes that are funny. I love the way she writes or approaches the characters, and besides, is The Big Six Gzuis, is not found anywhere;)

"Quiet" means silent or calm. "Quite" is used for emphasis or degree. Ex.: The library is very quiet. The movie was quite entertaining.


"Weather" refers to the atmospheric conditions. "Whether" is used to introduce alternatives or choices. Ex.: The weather is perfect for a picnic. I'm not sure whether to wear a jacket or not.

Recommended by Penelope

As I said in my comments, I will recommend the Fanfic If you like Scooby-Doo, you found the perfect Fanfic - laughs - it's like Scooby-Doo, young people get together to solve mysteries, but it's a Too bad it's just a mystery. But it’s not just any mystery, people read on! The author simply brought out the best in himself. This story is mesmerizing, it holds you, it's captivating, full of surprises, little jokes here and there and a hint of romance at the end so it doesn't get boring. And the author, wow! It's one of the best I've read on Nyah, great language, comparisons, great ''references'' with wordplay between the characters and very creative. One of the best Fanfics I've read Congratulations, Leia, it really is wonderful.