Recommended by Pudim de Menta

Pudim de Menta
You're browsing Nyah, in a category where you don't even read fics, and you come across this wonder. Generally, fics involving Disney characters are clichés, or too sugar-coated for my taste. Characters constructed very well, writing well done and crafted it is a perfect read.
"GOOD" and "WELL"

"Good" is an adjective. "Well" is an adverb. Ex.: The food tastes good. She speaks English well.


"Complement" means to complete or enhance. "Compliment" means to praise or express admiration. Ex.: The dessert complements the meal beautifully. He received a heartfelt compliment on his performance.

Recommended by Amina

Well, what can I say about this wonderful story? I was so in love with this story, I read it in just one day because there's no way to stop reading a divinity like that, it's as if you read yourself and in every word you see a scene from a movie, this fic is wonderful on a level surprising . She explains everything in detail about the events and describes the characters so well that it keeps you involved in the story from beginning to end, it's as if you were watching a movie in your mind. Furthermore, the story is silly in the way you connect facts or one story to another and make it better than it already was and something that really caught my attention. So please, if you see this fanfic, read it as soon as possible. It's an instant passion for this story and I wonder how this isn't in the bookstore yet. PLEASE read it if it fails, I'm hopelessly obsessed with this plot. I'm surprised at myself because I'm not one to recommend any fanfic, so kridos, if Halima Sheeran recommended something, you can see that there's something wrong with it, so, dear beings who are reading this, you want to know, instead of reading my recommendation, go read the history . Well Polo, I love you ♥ I love the way you write, we're going to get married when we're twenty and we're going to have four children, joke or not, but anyway, I love your fanfic with all my heart. Kisses from Hali Hali