Recommended by Miss007

Guys... it's been a while since I read “Be My Valentine” for the first time, today I missed it and came here to reread it, and only then did I realize that I hadn't recommended it. So here I am to correct that.. This isn't the first time I've come to recommend a fic by Hokuto Yuuri, and it's no surprise, since I'm super passionate about her wonderful writing. I love the OtaYuri couple so much and this fic managed to bring all that love to the surface, as it manages to perfectly show Yura and Beka's relationship. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the “Yuri style” statement, after all, is there anything more beautiful than seeing Yurio saying that Otabek is less of an idiot than most people?? ♥ I highly recommend it ♥

"Altogether" means completely or in total. "All together" means everyone or everything in a group. Ex.: The project was altogether successful. We sang the song all together.


"Eminent" means distinguished or prominent. "Imminent" means about to happen or impending. Ex.: She is an eminent scientist. The storm is imminent, so we should stay indoors.

Recommended by Mandy K

Mandy K
This is, by far, the best YOI fanfic I've ever read. The characters' personalities and the plot itself were very well constructed, the couple's relationship evolves at the right time and the text is very well written. I liked the fact that the characters go beyond the caricature of the anime, as it makes them seem real and the insecurities of both give the same feeling. It's light and captivating like classical ballet. I loved.