Recommended by Chrisprs

I recommend this fic, for many reasons, I love the author with passion, she is my good -hearted terrorist, but it is also my reincarnated love angel heheh, this fic has a "Q" of the dark side of the strength of the search tekila. I love this couple that everything for them is resolved in a single way, to love in a tense, intense way, with a lot of passion, without can, without restrictions. A love that has its problems, a love full of ups and downs, conflicts of work relationships, internal conflicts and families conflicts is what gives emotion in this wonderfully written, detailed plot. This story is beautiful in every way, at first I couldn't read with music, because whenever I read it has a musical background. This fic is intense that at first no music, but now for each cap there is one, the one I hear the most is Concavo y convex in the version of Alejandro Fernández Linda Musica. Deh another beautiful story that regalas us, thank you for the beautiful words, the delicacy of writing is something that only yours (and your fellow) hehehe. Recommending would only be little, vote for recognition for Pulitzer, Jabuti and Nobel Prize for Literature. Dude you rock. #amodepacidement #Recommand #Myfavorite Kisses
"WHO'S" and "WHOSE"

"Who's" is a contraction for "who is." "Whose" indicates possession. Ex.: Who's attending the conference? Whose jacket is this?


"Discreet" means careful or unobtrusive. "Discrete" means separate or distinct. Ex.: She was discreet about her personal life. The project was divided into discrete tasks.

Recommended by Lívia Lima

Lívia Lima
Woohoo!! I arrived! Lol I came to recommend the Fanfic that captivated me, addicted me from the first chapter. This is one of the few fics I read about Triunfo do Amor, as the majority are by LM; and I'm loving it. Every day I check the fic to see if the reader has posted a new chapter, as I'm always waiting for chapters and new surprises. When the author doesn't update I go crazy! Hahahahaha Well, I don't even know what else to say, so I leave my recommendation here and tell everyone to read this story and I tell the author that you don't stop writing the fanfic because it is PERFECT!!! Hugs! I want the next chapters soon, ok??