Recommended by Mia7

Guys, this story is very good, a comedy that anyone, even if they don't like the Twilight Saga, will love it, a great romantic comedy, I highly recommend it!! Here's the synopsis for anyone who wants to read it: Isabella Marie Swan moves to Forks and works as a journalist. When she goes to choose her apartment, she ends up having to share it with a rich businessman Edward Cullen. Without knowing what or who he is, he curses him with several things. But will she end up working at the Cullens' company, what if her boss was Edward Cullen? What if she ended up falling in love with him or vice versa? What if that love wasn't reciprocated? To find out what will happen and how it ends, follow this romantic comedy. And the link: n

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Recommended by Gisele Ximenes

Gisele Ximenes
Wow this story is mega hot ... so many character together, that in the beginning when I read the summary of I thought it would not be good, I'm not much arrived in mixtures but this is surely great. So many beautiful, wonderful hot character that makes you crazy. Nahh me being their chosen, I was made, and well designed.Hahaha Ne to tell the truth is well written, the plot is great, you do not can read and Nestar always Wanting more! Neu I'm already in love with this fic !! nbjs ngii