Recommended by Costa

A light story with hints of witty humor. Want to laugh? Read. I don't think I've ever found a humorous story as perfect as this one. It mixes evil humor with fairy tales in the best style of Once Upon a Time. The characters are simply captivating and unforgettable. Read and reread. This is a story that deserves a thousand recommendations. Congratulations to the author!
"GOOD" and "WELL"

"Good" is an adjective. "Well" is an adverb. Ex.: The food tastes good. She speaks English well.


"Weather" refers to the atmospheric conditions. "Whether" is used to introduce alternatives or choices. Ex.: The weather is perfect for a picnic. I'm not sure whether to wear a jacket or not.

Recommended by Little Vit

Little Vit
Let's be honest? I'm trying to understand why I haven't recommended this story yet? And why this story hasn't been recommended yet. But let's get to work, I'm here to convince you to read this story, look, I have several reasons. First, the author is incredible, you know those super cool authors, who respond to all the comments, who she posts regularly and who have simply amazing writing? So Mariana is like that. Secondly, the plot of the story is very well designed, when I started reading the story, I thought it was just the male version of Maleficent and that was it, the whole film would be changing just that, oh how I was mistaken, the story is much more than that. Mariana created a whole mythology in this story, of course it has the events of "Maleficent" but there are many more, new and enigmatic characters, a princess who doesn't need a prince, a "villain" who is more loved than the girl. "True Love" is a full plate, full of suspense, adventure, a little comedy, action and mystery, look if you are looking for a story that will captivate you, you found it, "True Love" this one. Hey and if, despite all this, you still aren't totally convinced to read "True Love", read the first chapter, I just want to see if you still have any questions after reading it- it. - Mictian