Recommended by sheila mara

sheila mara
Very good, I recommend it, you can read it It made me laugh a lot, it's really like the first and second seasons. I started reading it because of the name, just a whisper... but it looks good, it put me in the scene, you know. I love seeing the two of them arguing over silly things and Maura's jealousy is the best of all k

"Stationary" means not moving or not changing. "Stationery" refers to writing materials, such as paper, pens, and envelopes. Ex.: The car remained stationary at the traffic light. I need to buy some stationery for the office.


"Precede" means to come before in time or order. "Proceed" means to continue or move forward. Ex.: The introduction precedes the main text. After the break, we will proceed with the meeting.

Recommended by Kikyo

A very good story, really captivating. The most interesting thing is the simplicity with which the characters are treated and the lightness in which the story is taken. From the first chapter it captivated me, and I'm very demanding when it comes to Maura's requirements. I also loved the approach to the topic, which is complicated for most women, and seeing this topic through the eyes of a character that I like so much really captivated me