Recommended by Leticia_Inouye

'Two More Lonely People' is a very interesting fanfic, which keeps you hooked and can even predict the future. It is written from more than one point of view in a very intelligent way and with real characteristics of the characters, in short, it is a great story that I would recommend to anyone.

"Principal" refers to a person in a position of authority or the primary part of something. "Principle" means a fundamental rule or belief. Ex.: The school principal addressed the students. The principal reason for our success is teamwork. Honesty is an important principle to uphold.


"Precede" means to come before in time or order. "Proceed" means to continue or move forward. Ex.: The introduction precedes the main text. After the break, we will proceed with the meeting.

Recommended by GhostOne

Guys, I had to recommend this story. They should create a law to recommend this one. Because she's awesome! The plot is very good, the way the story happens, something always happens that you didn't even imagine would happen, and there's an ending that's, like, SURPRISING! I highly recommend it.