Recommended by Emily

Well then... I decided to recommend this fic because I find it simply fascinating! I had never read a fic where Miranda Priestly was going through this type of situation, Andy was the best. The author knows very well how to use each of the words. I hope the author creates more fics like this. I don't have words to describe it, I'm just messing around here. "Miranda Priestly doesn't deserve to lower herself to a man who should be humiliating himself for her, kissing her feet."

"Effect" is a noun meaning result. "Affect" is a verb meaning to influence. Ex.: The new policy had a significant effect. The weather can affect our mood.


"Stationary" means not moving or not changing. "Stationery" refers to writing materials, such as paper, pens, and envelopes. Ex.: The car remained stationary at the traffic light. I need to buy some stationery for the office.

Recommended by Cherry Pitch

Cherry Pitch
I love stories that tell the beginning of a character's story, what made this character become who she is in the film/series/book in which she participates. And this is such a story. Miranda Priestley is a strong character, who opens up a lot of space for people to write and produce more things about her. The story is very good, Kori Hime makes the reader feel what the character felt at a certain moment, without even needing to say what [the character is feeling]. The story is really wonderful and engaging, and these are the reasons why I recommend reading this story.